Camping Gear Affiliate Programs To Go Wild For

Are you in the Camping niche or giving it serious thought? Then props to you! It’s a great niche for a number of reasons.

There are so many angles for creating great content, such as tents, clothing, cooking, great locations to camp, trip planning, and activities when you are there. But are there any good Camping Gear Affiliate Programs? Read on to find out (spoiler alert – yes!)

First of all, let’s look at:

Is camping still popular?

According to The North American Camping Report in 2020 (shared here in more detail by Condor Ferries), there are:

  • 77 million families in the U.S. contain at least one person who camps
  • There have been 7 million households who took up camping since 2014
  • 40 million people took RV trips in the last couple of years
  • Every year, 1 million families take up camping
  • 56% of campers are Millenials

In a nutshell, there are lots of new campers for you to inspire with your blog as well as old stagers looking for new kit or perhaps even moving up to the greater comfort of an RV!

     Image courtesy of Condor Ferries

With this sort of growth, there are lots of opportunities for finding excellent products to share with this adventurous audience!

What medium is best to promote camping products?

As ever, I would always recommend a blog first and foremost for any niche, however, while researching this niche I found some really excellent YouTube video reviews of tents (e.g. showing how to put them up). The scope for video in this niche is huge and could really enhance your blog if it’s your thing.

Star Bell Tent
Just one of the beautiful tents available from Boutique Camping

Boutique Camping

I LOVE the Boutique Camping website. There is a certain bohemian style to these gorgeous tents. They also have lots of camping and glamping accessories – think wood-burning stoves (even one that you can cook pizza in!), coir matting, and candle chandeliers!

I have had some difficulty finding the terms for affiliates but loved this business so much I had to include it. Even if the percentage isn’t huge, the majority of products are fairly pricey. You can pick up a colorful ‘festival’ tent from around $199 increasing to over $1,000 for some premium tents. They score 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot with close to 3k reviews which can’t be bad.

If that wasn’t enough, they arrange for a tree to be planted for every sale – you get the chance to decide the location.

They are currently trading in the U. S, Canada, Australia and the U.K. (I say currently as they are unable to trade in Europe until Brexit niggles are ironed out. They hope will be in the next few weeks.) Sign up at Viglink.

Couple in tent with sleeping bags
                        Who knew Mountain Warehouse has an excellent range of online guides?

Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse is such a well-known, trusted brand, it would be a great addition to any camping blog. I always think of Mountain Warehouse when it comes to climbing and skiing gear, but they also sell tents and accessories, sleeping bags, lights, furniture, cookware, crockery, and pretty much anything campers would need.

What is especially good about the range is that there is something to suit every pocket, so you can choose what you want to promote to suit your budget-conscious or high-end audience.

The website states ‘high commission on each product sold’ but doesn’t actually say what the percentage is. The cookie duration is 30 days (although can vary depending on the product). The affiliate program is available in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Poland and Spain. Sign-up links are here.


Woman sitting in back of vehicle next to field

Jackery Power Outdoors

Jackery was launched in 2012 by a former battery engineer who had been working for Apple in Silicone Valley with a plan of delivering green energy to camping enthusiasts and adventurers.

They pioneered the first lithium portable power station in 2015. This was followed up with the SolarSaga series – a selection of portable solar power generators. In 2020, they launched their latest innovation, the Jackery Solar Generator.

Jackery generators are the number one seller in their category on Amazon. They offer free shipping over $50 and have tactical discount offers from time to time. This would be a great product for a camping or eco-friendly blog.

Commission is 5% (sorry, I couldn’t find a cookie duration). The average order value is $580. Sign up with ShareASale.


Solo Stove Video
The Solo Stove in action – just click the image to watch the video

Solo Stove

This is another one for lovers of green energy. Solo Stove is a very simple yet very effective innovation created by two brothers. It is effectively a lightweight canister with holes in it that enables you to boil water in under 10 minutes using only sticks and twigs (and maybe the odd acorn) as fuel.

There are a variety of different sizes depending on your needs. They also offer a range of fire pits, grills, and accessories (e.g. roasting sticks). The reviews are spectacular with one of the advantages being that these are great to use in your backyard too. And there is no fuel to carry which is a huge plus.

There are no commission or cookie duration details available, but sign up is with ShareASale.


Tree Tent in-situ


I was got very excited when I found this site. Some camping websites can look a bit samey, but Tentsile really stands out, largely because their key offering is the ‘Tree’ Tent.

This means that you don’t need flat or dry ground but you do need 3 trees at the right angle! (Having said that, there are lots of great tips on the website with tips for using less than perfect trees!)

They look fantastic and are apparently very comfortable once you get the hang of assembling them properly. Another product that Tentsile seems to have a real handle on is the hammock. (Did you know that there was such a thing as a 4-man hammock?)

Commission is 10% and your customer also gets a 10% discount. Sign up directly with Tentsile.


Woman sitting in sun outside parked RV

Camping World RV & Outdoors

If you wanted to simplify your life and only work with one affiliate partner, you could easily do it just by becoming an affiliate of Camping World RV & Outdoors. Having started way back in 1966 with only one store in Kentucky, they have expanded to 160 stores all across the U.S.

Camping World offer everything you could possibly need from new and used RVS, everything for inside an RV, outside an RV, RV maintenance, stabilization, RV covers, and also everything you need for a regular caravan including towing equipment and generators.

Regular tent campers are not forgotten and there is a massive selection of tents (from roof-top to a 2-person A-frame tent), canopies, coolers, and lights. You get the picture! Camping World takes pride in offering the best value to help people with what can be an expensive pass time.

Commission is 6% but I couldn’t see any cookie duration. Sign up with Linkshare.


Image and description of CampStove Complete Cook Kited
  You can charge your phone with this CampStove from Biolite!


Biolite do all sorts of interesting products that are great for camping but the one that really grabbed my attention was The Campstove Complete Cook Kit. It shares some benefits of the Solo Stove in that you use twigs and wood scraps to fuel it.

But what makes this different is that it generates 3W of power to charge devices including an LED light so you can see what you are cooking in the dark or charge your phone! (Pretty handy when you are away camping!) It comes with a coffee press, grill, and kettle pot. Check out more of their products here.

As an affiliate, you get a 30-day cookie. Sorry, I could not find the commission info. Learn more and sign up here.

Roof Top Tents In Use


One of the things I love about researching affiliate products for different niches is that I find things that I quite literally did not know existed. Rooftop tents fall into this category! Apparently, they have quite a community.

As with the tree tents, you don’t need to find level ground (although I don’t imagine you would want to be on a hill!). They are very easy to put up, comfortable, and when you are heading home, exhausted after a fabulous weekend, they take seconds to put away.

iKamper offers commission of 10% and the average order at $2,200, this is a very attractive program. Sorry, I couldn’t find a cookie duration. Click here for more information.


Campervan by a lake


You can’t help but warm to Jeff Cavan and Jennifer Young when you read their story of wanting to get out of the rat race and have an adventure. You can tell their heart and soul is in this RV rental business where they match up would-be ‘outdoorsy’ RV renters with RV owners. Think Air BnB but for RVs!

Outdoorsy only started in 2014 but is now the largest RV rental platform in the world. What a unique idea! When you think about the number of days an RV (or campervan) goes nowhere and the potential for would-be adventurers to hire one!

The affiliate program is a bit different from most in that you get a referral fee whether you are referring a renter or an RV owner. The fee is variable and you get a 30-day cookie. You can sign up with HasOffers, Avantlink or CJ. Find out more here.



There are some seriously interesting options for camping affiliate programs that provide lots of creative ideas for blog posts. As ever, it has got me thinking – ‘hmm, maybe I should get into this niche!’.

Are you in the camping niche or is it something you are considering? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

Camping Gear Affiliate Programs To Go Wild For
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Camping Gear Affiliate Programs To Go Wild For
Are you in the Camping niche or giving it serious thought? Then props to you! It’s a great niche for a number of reasons. But are there any good Camping Gear Affiliate Programs?
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