What Is Backlinking In SEO? Why You Need to Know ASAP

So, you have worked hard building your website, create content regularly and some time has passed to allow your site to mature, but you are getting very little traffic. Didn’t you read that you just need the right keywords and some time to pass? What is the problem? The problem is, that unless other sites […]

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Free – You CAN Do It!

So, you bit the bullet, bought hosting, built your website and started producing content! Then….nothing. No traffic, zero, nada, zilch and you feel somewhat deflated. Do not despair! This is absolutely normal in the early days but read on to learn how to get traffic to your website free. Yes, it takes time, but the […]

What Is The Ubersuggest Tool?

If you read my recent post on keyword research, you will know the importance of having a good keyword research tool, but what is the Ubersuggest tool? I stumbled across it when I discovered Neil Patel (who appears in every single Google search I perform!). He bought the Ubersuggest keyword research tool and has developed […]

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