Christian Affiliate Programs To Believe In!

One of the best niches in affiliate marketing for a believer surely must be the Christian niche! What could be better than sharing what you love while deepening your faith and encouraging others? Not to mention having the opportunity to help Christian business owners. But are there any good Christian Affiliate Programs out there?

Read on to discover some great programs that should resonate with your audience.

This site includes some affiliate links – if you buy through my link I may get paid a commission but the price remains the same for you. Thank you for your support.


Family watching a movie


Imagine Netflix, but where everything is genuinely family-friendly with Christian values and you have an idea of what Crossflix is about. There are thousands of Christian movies and documentaries along with educational content.

Crossflix was the brainchild of Alan Mehrez, a former Holywood Producer and Director who observed that not only were movies containing more and more adult content, but TV programs that are supposed to be family-friendly contain content that often is not.

With the help of his wife, Christian family, and friends, Crossflix was born and is available to watch on your smart TV, desktop/laptop computer, or mobile phone.

Sign up to promote Crossflix with ShareASale. Commission is 30% of the gross revenue for the lifetime of the customer subscription. Cookie duration is 45 days.


Couple in love

Christian Cafe

Online dating must be one of the biggest businesses at present – it is predicted to reach revenues of $3.592bn in 2025 – so it should naturally follow that there is massive scope for Christian online dating sites like Christian Cafe.

Christian Cafe is a Christian-owned business that has been ‘connecting Christian singles’ since 1999. These connections have resulted in a staggering 25,000 marriages! It looks a little less intimidating than most dating sites as there is the opportunity to get to know people through Christian Forums, rather than just one-on-one.

This would be a really super program to promote. Imagine if one of your followers found the love of their life! Commission is 40% with a 120-day cookie. Sign up with ShareASale.


Dayspring fun Christmas Card
LOVING this card from Dayspring

Day Spring

This is a delightful website with the focus being on cards but also featuring lovely gifts and homewares (super wall art), bibles and diaries/devotionals, and e-cards (that you can send free).

The business was originally started by 4 Christian men in California in 1971. To cut a long story short, the business was acquired by Hallmark in 1999 and as you will see by the website, has retained its mission “To know God, to demonstrate His Kingdom, and to help people throughout the world know and share His love by providing Christians with tools of communication that express God’s heart in fresh, new ways.”

I especially love the Christmas card above – it would be perfect for my non-Christian friends! (But my eco-sensibilities stop me from getting Christmas Cards Sent from the U.S. to Scotland!)

Commission is 13% with a 30-day Cookie. You can sign up with CJ Affiliates



ChurchSource is very clear about its purpose – “to meet the needs of pastors and church leaders by connecting them to God-honoring resources”.

This includes every area of church life, all the bible study and outreach resources that you could ever need for Sunday school groups and home study groups, care ministries (e.g. grief, recovery etc), marriage and pre-marriage programs, references and commentaries and local outreach programs.

Customer service is of paramount importance to ChurchSource and they even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back within 90-days.

Commission is 10% with a 60-day cookie. Sign up with ShareASale.

Christian Strong Ladies Tee Shirt
Christian clothing can be cute (from a selection at Christian Strong)

Christian Strong

Christian Strong is a fashion-forward Christian clothing brand. I love what it says on their website “We hoped to wear Christian shirts that would not only express our beliefs but, give us a chance to be fashion-forward without looking too preachy.”

They have certainly achieved that aim with their funky tee-shirts, hoodies and children’s range. They also offer a custom-designed product so you can have branding for your own church or youth group.

Commission if 10% – sorry, I couldn’t see the cookie duration. Sign up is direct with Christian Strong.


Life Breakthrough Coaching

Christian Life Coach Training Courses have been on offer with Life Breakthrough Coaching since 2009 in which time they have trained and certified coaches from over 50 countries!

The courses are broken down into Christian Life Coach or Christian Marriage Coach. What an amazing opportunity for someone to impact the lives of others through learning how to be a Christian coach.

Commission is $100 per referral which is payable after the course has been paid for and completed Sign-up directly with Life Breakthrough Coaching.


Amazing grace mask
Loving this Amazing Grace mask from Kerusso


Kerusso is another Christian apparel outfit that also offers a superb line in jewelry, face-masks, baseball caps etc.

The founder, Vic Kennett, set out at the age of 10-years old to disprove the story of creation through science. I guess that didn’t work out! But the business did work out! Check out his story here.

They say that the average tee-shirt has the potential to be read 3,000 times so the message of the gospel can be very subtly (or not very subtly!) shared with 3,000 people who just might need to hear that word.

Commission is 20% with a 45-day cookie. Apply to sign up directly with Kerusso.


Help your audience to safely discover biblical lands with expert guides from Bein Harim

Bein Harim

Bein Harim offers tours of Israel and all the essential locations that Christians would be excited to visit including Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, Nazareth, Bethlehem and Jericho and Galilee.

Guests can opt for day tours or a package of guided tours for up to 12 days including breakfast and accommodation and airport transfers if required. Private tours are also available.

Commission is 15% with a 90-day cookie. Prices range from around $70 for a day tour (closer to $700 for a private day tour) to over $2,000 for one of the longer programs. You can sign up with ShareASale.


Woman with bible

This post would not be complete without including a top source for the Bible! is the ministry of The American Bible Association who say: “The mission of the American Bible Society is to make the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford so all people may experience its life-changing message”.

So quite apart from giving people a really great selection of bibles (in approximately 80 languages), study books and resources, you would also be helping this not-for-profit organization to achieve their very worthy ideals.

Commission starts at 10% (sorry, I didn’t find a cookie duration). Sign up is with ShareASale.


Bible Belles Covers

Bible Belles

Bible Belles is a lovely business that came out of the recognition that there were no books readily available for girls that shared the stories of the wonderful, strong and impactful women of the bible. They really have a delightful collection and have added gift bundles and accessories to the collection.

These are perfect for individuals (they would make amazing gifts from Godparents) as well as Sunday schools and would help girls to appreciate their value in the eyes of God.

Commission is 15% with a 90-day cookie. Sign up is direct with Bible Belles.



There aren’t a huge number of affiliate programs in the Christian niche, but the ones there are, offer genuine value to a Christian audience. Quality is definitely better than quantity!

Regardless of your niche, do make sure that you are using the right keywords to get the right eyeballs on your content! If you need help in this area or indeed, any area of bogging or affiliate marketing, check out my review of the training that has all the answers!

Are you in the Christian niche? Have you found any great programs I can add to my list? If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Christian Affiliate Programs To Believe In!”

  1. Hey,

    I never knew there were Christian affiliate programs out there, very interesting. I am an affiliate marketer but I’m not sure I would be interested in the Christian market. I am a catholic and I did used to go to mass, but I’m not sure it’s right to make money off it. Anyway, I will share this article with my catholic friends because they might feel different. They may feel it is right to make money from Christian affiliate programs, and maybe they could give some of the money they make to charity.

    I will encourage them to share their thoughts with you too and if they have any questions then they should get in touch, if that is OK?

    Thank you for sharing this and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom

      Many thanks for this. It would be wonderful to be able to donate profits to charity but personally I don’t see anything wrong with receiving a percentage of companies profits for promoting them, especially given the many hours of work it takes it get a sale. (Although I can appreciate there may be others who share your view.)

      My dream is to generate enough income to spend winters in a fabulous villa in Lanzarote (and summers in Scotland) and send people who can’t afford a holiday when I’m not there. There is a wonderful charity called Christian’s Against Poverty who help people in dept. It would be amazing to be able to send the people they are helping on holiday. I’m not quite there yet but it does motivate me.

      Do please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might enjoy it. I would be delighted to hear from them.



      • Hi,
        Thank you for this informed ams useful post.

        I found something that I really like: Christian movies.
        I will be joining Crossflix and even promote it to my audience.

  2. Hey Jean,
    I had read a few Christian blogs before so am glad to have found your article on Christian Affiliate programs. I know that some Catholics are reluctant to make “profits” but I agree with your views and also offer these perspectives:
    1. What about the parable of the talents. Why not be like the good and faithful servant who was given 5 talents and made 5 more?
    2. Then as you can say any profits you make you can donate more or help other people as is your intention.
    3. You are only really “profiting” by helping a reader with your valuable content, then they purchase something that they may have discovered. From reading your content.
    For example, let’s say your Christian or Catholic friends waste a lot of their time watching Netflix. Perhaps they read your article about how to keep up your faith and have some fun and downtime in this crazy secular world we live in. They learn about CrossFlix from your article on it – they subscribe and both you and they are better off.

    Can I ask? In your research on those various affiliate programs, where did you notice the most Catholic resources? I appreciate that Catholics are a smaller subset of the broader “Christian population”.

    • Hello John

      Many thanks for your comments and also for highlighting the story of the talents. Also I like your thoughts on sharing Crossflix – how can it be wrong to have everyone gain? Anyway, some people may still disagree and that’s fine.

      I have to day that as I researched Christian Affiliate Programs, there were none that stood out from a Catholic perspective. Since you asked the question, I searched for Catholic Affiliate Programs and there are quite a few, perhaps surprisingly! You can checksome out here (you will probably have to cut and paste that in your browser).

      Kind regards,


  3. HI Jean,

    Great article!

    This article seems really interesting, amazed by the Christian niche affiliate programs.
    I really loved how these programs teach, preach and spread harmony through different means like an online book store, devotional cards, clothing brands, and dating apps.

    Individuals can easily get started by connecting to millions of Christian communities, spread hope when people are down, raise funds for the needy, nurturing relationships, and spreading love all over the world.

    Christian affiliate programs can help an individual to earn money by partnering with Christian focused business and spread the word about products, services and also helping to spread moral practices to live an ethical life.


    • Hi Samantha

      I must admit that I had no idea how many great Christian niche affiliate programs were out there until I started researchiing for this post. I was totally amazed at what is on offer. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the positive feedback – it is very much appreciated.




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