How To Find Freelance Workers (It’s easier than you think)

Have you ever wished you knew someone who could perform a task in your business that you don’t have the skills or the time to do yourself? If you are a one-man-band or have the smallest of teams, the answer is almost definitely ‘yes’!

In this post, I will share a great way How To Find Freelance Workers easily. Conversely, with so many jobs being endangered or even disappearing altogether, I will also investigate how you can become a freelancer.

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First of all, let’s look at:

Why take on a freelance worker?

  • Perhaps you write a blog in your spare time and you just don’t have time to keep the content flowing while working full-time or need someone with expertise in paid ads to make sure you don’t waste money.
  • In a small business, we wear many hats and have to learn all sorts of skills but from time to time there are likely to be jobs that no one in our organization has the talent to perform.
  • You may have been thinking about expanding your workforce but worry that it wouldn’t be prudent to hire someone just at the minute and your current team is on their knees! But there is a job that needs to be done..
  • Or quite likely, your team is furloughed, you are manning the ship on your own and don’t have the know-how to make progress in certain areas.

Where do I find the right person?

An easy and reliable way I have found is through I have to admit when I first heard of my initial reaction was that it was either poor quality work, people being exploited, or both!

However, I was curious enough to have a closer look and discovered that nothing could be further from the truth. (In fact, I have since gone on to use their services.)

What is was the brainchild of Micha Kaufman (who is the current CEO) and tech entrepreneur Shai Winiger in 2010. They had identified a need for a freelance service marketplace and they were not wrong! The model took off and became the top global freelance marketplace in the world with 1.3 million ‘gigs’ (the ‘in’ name for a service) arranged on the platform.

Originally, the idea was to allow freelancers to offer services for $5 and while you can still access services for this amount, there are many variations going up into the thousands depending on the service being commissioned and the caliber of the person offering the work.

What services can I outsource with Fiverr?

The range of services being offered is absolutely staggering. I will list some here but please have a closer look on the site as I am only scratching the surface.

  • Graphic and Design – including logo and brand design, illustration, visual, packaging and labels, web and mobile, architecture and building, fashion and merchandise, and print
  • Digital Marketing – including social media, SEO, content marketing, PR, video, email marketing, crowdfunding, influencer marketing, Ecommerce marketing, podcast marketing, book and ebook marketing, and more
  • Writing and translation – including articles and blog posts, translation, sales copy, ad copy, proofreading and editing, book and ebook writing, book editing, technical writing, email copy, grant writing, research, and summaries
  • Video and Animation – including whiteboard animation and explainers, video editing, video ads, animated gifs, logo animation, subtitles and captions, visual effects, music videos, eLearning video production
  • Music and Audio – including voice-over, audio ads production, jingles and intros, podcast editing, songwriters, singers, session musicians, DJ drop and tangs, DJ mixing, and vocal tuning
  • Programming and Tech – including website building and updating, game development, ECommerce development, web programming, mobile apps, IT support, data protection, and cybersecurity and database management
  • Business – including lead generation, presentation creation, virtual assistants, supply chain management, project management, financial consulting, legal and HR consulting, market research, and E-Commerce management

The expertise and diversity is absolutely staggering and could also open doors to opportunities either within your own business or for a brand new enterprise.

If you are looking for ideas for a new business opportunity, a good place to start would be checking out these services. (An expert could have an ECommerce site set up in no time!)

An example of a freelancer with a good reputation in creating whiteboard animation on Fiverr.

How does it work?

Once you have signed up for a account, you can look for the service and search through the available offers. Freelancers make their offer (usually a ‘from’ price) and you can then make contact to discuss your requirements and look at samples of their work.

To help you to decide who you want to work with, there is a star rating system where you can see how many reviews and also the comments (and locations of the reviewers) which is very helpful. You can choose freelancers based in your own country if you prefer or choose the best qualified. The choice is yours.

Once you are happy with the details, you go ahead and place your order. If you are not happy with the end product, you can ask for a revision. or cancel the order. As reviews mean everything to sellers on Fiverr, they will normally do whatever is necessary to make you happy.

Can I become a freelancer?

Absolutely! You simply register with your skill. There is no cost to get started but bear in mind when setting your pricing that you keep only 80% of what you charge. If this could work for you, check out this interesting article on, How to succeed on Fiverr – a dead-simple strategy.

Fiverr Learn

If your skills perhaps need updating, you can take courses offered by Fiverr with their Fiverr Learn course offering. These courses offer exceptional value having been specially created by experts in each of the relevant fields. They are very affordable (many under £50).

It could be that instead of hiring someone to create a Facebook ads campaign for you or to work on your local SEO, that you end up taking the course and doing it yourself!

Before you do that, however, check out this page of Marketing, Branding and Productivity Guides that is absolutely free. There is so much value here before you ever need to put your hand in your pocket.


How to find freelance workers
Free guides available to help you brush up on your skills.

Create a new niche for yourself

The scope of is really quite mind-blowing. Maybe you have a brilliant idea for a game app but haven’t given it any thought at all because you are not technically minded. There are people who can do it for you and it needn’t be expensive.

Or maybe there is an add-on to your business that you have put off investigating because you think you lack the skills or it won’t be affordable. I highly recommend that you take a look for yourself.

How to find freelance workers
Fancy getting started in dropshipping? Having someone set up your initial site would be great motivation!

My experience with Fiverr

I decided to outsource the creation of some Pinterest Pin templates. I really hate creating pins so I decided to have someone more creative make some templates up for me.

The end result wasn’t to my taste but it absolutely was not the fault of the designer. My brief was too vague – I really should have sent him some examples of pins I liked or even suggested colors I like. Being a man, he created them to look very business-like and blue. As he was not psychic, he didn’t have much chance of getting it right! Lesson learned I will use the service again.

Fiverr affiliate program

If you are an affiliate marketer in the digital marketing niche, the Fiverr affiliate program is definitely worth adding to your offering. It offers a fantastic solution to people needing freelance services and provides work for freelancers while ensuring that everyone pays and gets paid what they need.

They have some quality creators. The video below was created by one of them!


If you are not an affiliate marketer but would like to investigate the opportunity, check out the training platform that has helped me in my journey so far. I could not have done it on my own! You can start with zero experience and build your website as you go through the training.


There is no getting away from it. The way businesses work has changed and having flexibility in the skills you have at your disposal can make all the difference.

The key to having a good outsourcing experience on Fiverr (or any freelancing platform) is to take your time to find someone who is the right fit for your business and to make it very clear what you are looking for.

Additionally, the workforce is increasingly looking for the increased flexibility of freelancing and there are more opportunities now than ever before.

Have you used Fiverr or any other outsourcing service platform? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

Have you ever wished you knew someone who could perform a task in your business that you don't have the skills or the time to do yourself? If you are a one-man-band, or have the smallest of teams, the answer is almost definitely 'yes'! In this post, I will share a great way How To Find Freelance Workers easily. Conversely, with so many jobs being endangered or even disappearing altogether, I will also investigate how you can become a freelancer.
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4 thoughts on “How To Find Freelance Workers (It’s easier than you think)”

  1. I’ve had no idea that Fiverr has the official course that shows you how to leverage the platform properly. That’s awesome! Maybe one day I even take the course just to expand my “library.”

    In general, I find it very difficult to find good help (freelancers) for my online business. A lot of people on Fiverr that I worked with so far are good workers in their respected fields, but you never know who’s a slacker and who’s a real deal.

    In any case, this was a very helpful article. I like the idea of outsourcing work. As a “one-man-band” business, I find Fiverr to be a goldmine! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Ivan

      Many thanks for this. Fiverr has been an absolute revelation to me too. If you have a set price for a particular job (like my Pinterest pins) that is easy enough but if someone is charging you by the hour (e.g. for keyword research work) that could be a bit risky if you didn’t know their work ethic.

      Glad you dound it helpful.



  2. Fiverr has worked great for me in the past. I’ve outsourced a ton of graphics, and most of them were a 10/10.

    Although it works great for medium prices services, I wouldn’t recommend it for ones that cost more than two hundred bucks because the competition is steep, and so many freelancers are bumping prices for the sake of earning more and providing less.

    Great platform in general, though. I highly recommend it!

    • Hi Gorjan

      Many thanks for this. I am delighted to hear Fiverr has worked out for you. I recently got a new logo I am really happy with and am looking at getting a animation done for a YouTube ad.




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