How To Find Products To Sell Online

Are you new to the world of online selling and wondering how to find products to sell online? Then you have come to the right place! In this post, my primary aim is to help affiliate marketers to source the right products to sell either from their blog or through PPC or social media ads. However, these guidelines can also be used for any online seller.

First of all, you will have to:

Know your niche

You can’t decide on what products to sell unless you know what your niche is. If you have not quite decided on your niche yet, please check out How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche.

What are the key considerations when choosing your products?

There are a number of things that need to be evaluated when deciding what products to sell online. Some are obvious and some not so much!

1. Is there a demand for the product? Just because you like the look of a product doesn’t mean to say that it is popular so you will need to find out what sort of sales it is achieving.

2. What is the price of the product and what is the commission? If you have great sales of books on Amazon at the current rate of 4.5%, you will have to sell a serious amount of books to make any decent sort of money.

3. Is there potential for recurring commissions? This makes a huge difference, after all, acquiring a customer who buys one item takes the same amount of work as acquiring a customer who purchases a subscription which means you are not starting from ground zero every time. (Check out my top recommendation for recurring commissions here.)

High ticket commissions are good also – it doesn’t necessarily take extra effort to make much higher commissions.

4. Is it a physical product or a digital product? Digital products typically attract a much higher percentage commission so are worth investigating no matter what your niche is.

5. Is the product something you yourself would use and could get excited about? This would be a big bonus as you can talk from personal experience and your enthusiasm will be contagious.

How to find products to sell online
Make sure the products you choose are good quality – this will help you to build trust with your audience.

How do you find which are the popular products?

There are various ways you can find out depending on the supplier you are buying from.

For example:

Clickbank – If you are sourcing products from Clickbank, they make it super-easy to find out how many affiliates are selling their product monthly. All you have to find is the ‘Gravity’ score. Each of these affiliates could be selling anything from 1 to hundreds of these but at least it gives you some sort of benchmark to start from.

Amazon Associates – If you have ever taken an Amazon FBA course you will doubtless have been through the ins and out of how to promote products on Amazon.

Don’t worry if you haven’t though, as the intelligence is there if you just know how to find it. There are a number of Chrome extensions (such as Jungle Scout) that show a wealth of information such as the number of sales and the price history which is very helpful – maybe a product is a great seller but only at a particular price point.

You may not even be selling the product via Amazon Associates – you could strike a deal with the manufacturer or retailer directly and get a much greater commission. (Since Amazon cut their commissions, I have come across a number of affiliates who are doing this.)

Google Trends – With Google Trends, you can find out if your favored product is rising in popularity or falling like a stone!


How to find products to sell online
Recurring commissions are a great way to leverage your efforts.

How can you still get it wrong?

Ignoring your findings – Believe it or not, some people go to the trouble of finding out the information, discovering it’s not good, but going ahead anyway. Just because you are passionate about something, don’t ignore the red flags that tell you it won’t be successful.

Picking a limited niche – I made a mistake when starting out when I chose the Personal Development niche. I loved writing for it but the products I was offering were somewhat limited. I had a couple of courses and a few books – it was just never going to be enough (unless I got the most colossal amount of traffic!) to make much money.

Choosing a product with too low a price point – If you go for a low priced product with low commission, it can be fine as an add-on but you could be working your socks off for the occasional £4.50!

Choosing a poor quality product. Don’t go solely on the price and commission. If it is a duff product, it won’t sell (and what does sell could be returned). Quality (and your reputation as the introducer) are very important too.

Choosing a fad product. At the time of writing, masks are all the rage but will that always be the case? (I sincerely hope not!) Lots of products have come and gone and no one, but no one is buying them now.

Think of products that are ‘evergreen’ – timeless. For example, I can’t imagine there will be a time when no one is buying tents, or the latest televisions, or rucksacks, or a ‘learn affiliate marketing’ course. You get the idea. The beauty of a blog is that people will be finding your posts from years ago and will still buy from them.

Choosing a bad vendor! – The vast majority of vendors are sincere, but just occasionally you will find a bad one who will fabricate refunds etc. If opting for an independent vendor, have a search around a variety of forums and make sure there are no horror stories. If you do your due diligence all should be well.

How to find products to sell online
Fidget spinner anyone? No, I didn’t think so! Stay away from trends that are likely to come and go.


It can be difficult not to race headlong towards the first product you see in your niche when you are so excited about the possibilities that exist with the affiliate marketing world. However, as with anything in business, it does no harm just to take a moment and consider if this is the right product for you and your brand (which is essentially what you are building).

These are important decisions – take your time and ask if the product will resolve a problem for your followers. If so, you are probably onto a winner.

What is your experience of product selection? Have you made some great choices or do you have some regrets? Either way, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

How To Find Products To Sell Online
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How To Find Products To Sell Online
Are you new to the world of online selling and wondering how to find products to sell online? Then you have come to the right place! In this post, my primary aim is to help affiliate marketers to source the right products to sell either from their blog or through PPC or social media ads. However, these guidelines can also be used for any online seller.
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