John Crestani Review – Still A Winner In 2021?

Are you on a mission to discover how to make money as an Affiliate Marketer? if so, it is quite likely that you have heard of John Crestani!

In this John Crestani Review, I will share what I have discovered about the man and his ultra-popular course, Super Affiliate System Pro, and if it is still has a winning formula in 2021. When you reach the end of this post you will know if it’s a fit for you.

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Super Affiliate System Pro Overview and Ranking:

Name: Super Affiliate System Pro

Website: Super Affiliate System Pro

Webinar: Super Affiliate System Pro Webinar

Training Videos: 4.5 / 5.0

Suitability for newbies and experts: 4.5 / 5.0

Quality of actual instruction: 5/5

Price – $997

Overall ranking: 14 / 15

Who is John Crestani

The story goes that the 21 year-old was hanging out in Thailand having borrowed the money from his parents with a plan to ‘find himself’. While out there, he read various religious texts but the book that spoke to him on the deepest level was Tim Ferriss’s The Four Hour Work Week.

(Check out Tim’s excellent blog, conveniently named The Four Hour Work Week.)

From this point on, John was on a mission to use his skills to create an online income. If you have ever built a business online, you will know that it doesn’t happen overnight!

You can read more about John’s journey in the brilliantly titled, How A 28-Year-Old Got Fired Then Built A $500K-A-Month Business While Traveling The World published by

Long story short, John Crestani has earned a massive amount of money through Affiliate Marketing so he is absolutely qualified to teach this content. Also, he has a lovely, easy-going style which makes following the training really enjoyable.

John Crestani Review


What is included in the Course?

Week 1 covers the system set up and shares how to join affiliate networks, create presell pages (a one-page website also known as a landing page), Facebook ad targeting and ad creation along with some common mistakes.

Week 2 goes on to explain how to set up Google ads including keyword research, how to set up the conversions pixels and advising how to avoid common errors.

Week 3 moves on to how to set up YouTube ads, how to set up your channel and again, how to avoid common mistakes. This is not such an in-depth tutorial and you might need to study YouTube ads in greater depth if this is going to be a main source of lead generation.

Week 4 goes more into depth into advanced Facebook advertising and he also introduces some top industry experts. Tim Burd (spoiler alert, Tim is ‘the Godfather’ of Facebook ads), is introduced to share details on how to keep compliant with Facebook.

Brian Pfeiffer, a massively successful internet marketer shares advice on how to break through (check out his keynote speech re how he earned $100,000 in one month) and Ronnie Sandlin who is known for his ability to ‘turn words into money’.

Week 5 gets into detail about preselling pages, how to split test, how to scale and mistakes to avoid. Unfortunately, one of the mistakes to avoid is creating your own pre-selling page which is apparently a big no-no. Clickfunnels is the recommended way to go, and while I believe that it is sound advice, it will cost you extra to take this route.

Week 6 is about the important topic of picking your niche and finding affiliate offers on Clickbank and through other sources.

Additions to John’s previous course

The latest version of John’s course includes access to the ‘Internet Jetset’ course which was an early version of the training previously charged at $47 per month.

The entire Super Affiliate System course has been extended and updated to reflect the current practices in everything he teaches. No matter which version you sign up for, you will always get the very latest available.

John Crestani Review
Some of the added value included in the course, not least of which is the targeting data


Pros of Super Affiliate System Pro

  • John Crestani is teaching what has made him a fortune – he is the real deal (despite flashing his cash in the webinar which I have to say I found very distasteful – sorry, John)
  • He has a simple and very likable style which makes following along easy
  • He has mastered Facebook advertising and shares everything that works
  • He is sharing the actual ads that work for him and others
  • You can access proven copy and landing pages instead of starting from scratch
  • He shares his data so you can create look-alike audiences on Facebook – I can’t think of anyone else who does this
  • There are weekly training calls where John can assess your ads and a Facebook group for support
  • He has lots of evidence of the success of his students
  • It’s not a cheap course, but you do get lots of quality training, particularly in the area of paid ads
  • Money-back guarantee (always check the T&C’s though)

Cons of Super Affiliate System Pro

  • Paid advertising, despite using a tried and tested formula, can be risky and there are no guarantees your ads will work
  • You need a significant investment to get started, run paid ads, and sign up for Clickfunnels
  • Having lots of people running the same videos and images in Facebook ads could lead to a Facebook ban


John Crestani Review
A still from my video ad but FB would not let me run it as it focused on one body part…


My experience of running Facebook ads

Just as an aside, I would like to share what I found when I started running Facebook ads. I was with a network marketing company and wanted to find a way to retail the products online instead of trying to sell to family and friends. (If this is you, check out my post ‘How To Sell MLM Products – Without Being Annoying’.)

I did lots of research and found that videos get the best response so went to great pains to produce what I thought was a really nice ad, did all my keyword research and was so excited when I launched my ad – only to have it disapproved. Why? Because it focused on only one body part and may cause insecurities in the viewer.

I am not joking! I appealed but they wouldn’t let me run it – it was for a face cream! You can encounter the same issues with Google. Sometimes they will communicate with you and sometimes not which is why I prefer to go with organic traffic. Putting my entire business in the hands of Google or Facebook is not an option (although I have to concede it has worked for John Crestani).

Should you buy Super Affiliate System Pro?

If this is the sort of business model and tuition you have been looking for (i.e. learning about paid advertising with instructions how to implement) then this would be a good course for you. Check out the webinar here. (Warning – it is long! Make sure you have some drinks and snacks handy!)

If you are looking to start a business on a shoestring (or I think they say ‘bootstrapping it’ in the U.S.), then look for something you can start cheaply or free and focus on driving free traffic to a website. Only do this if you are prepared to work for 6-months plus before seeing results as this approach takes time.


If you are keen to start making money online there is course out there for you. You can try to teach yourself, but at the end of the day, you really need to learn from someone who has trodden the path before and a community that will be there when you are stuck (and you will get stuck!)

I gave up on my network marketing business in the end, signed up for a Free Affiliate Marketing Course and haven’t looked back.

Have you signed up for any courses? I would love to know which ones and how they worked out for you. Please let me know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “John Crestani Review – Still A Winner In 2021?”

  1. Hi Jean,

    John Crestani is certainly a name I’m familiar with in the world of affiliate marketing, and he certainly knows his stuff.

    Just going through your review I see that John’s program is focused on paid advertising, which can of course be extremely lucrative, but it does have a steep learning curve, plus there’s also the fact that you may have to spend a great deal of money before you finally “get it”.

    With that said, the entire course seems very in-depth and I like the way that the learning material has been separated into weekly sections. I feel this gives you the opportunity to really learn the ins-and-outs of each section before moving onto the next.

    However, I’m glad you’ve pointed out that this is a significant investment in terms of the course, the additional materials/software you will need, as well as actually paying for your ads.

    Plus the chances of a Facebook ban are increased if everyone happens to be promoting the same videos.

    On a separate note, I’m glad you’ve shared your experience with having an ad disapproved, as this resonates with me.

    I also had an ad disapproved, but rather than appealing I just moved on without understanding the reasons why. However, my ad also focused on “one specific body part and people’s potential insecurities”, so it makes a lot more sense to me now.

    A great review Jean.


    • Hi Partha

      That is so interesting that you also had an ad disapproved. The thing is if your product is for that body part, surely it should be allowed. Anyway, there’s not much point in getting stressed about it, rather just go for the free traffic!

      Many thanks for taking the time to comment.



  2. I’ve been a member of John’s Internet Jetset while it was serving as a doorway to Super Affiliate System. But I didn’t like the lack of transparency. Johns was getting people excited to sign up for Internet Jetset, which is nothing but a basic course on WordPress. The idea was to leave you confused and then upsell you SAS for $1K.

    I understand he’s changed the system in the meantime and decided to focus more on being honest and transparent. I think the course is still relevant even in 2020. However, I agree with you. It’s better to start with something less expensive and that focuses on free traffic. Then, and only then, it’s a good idea to start with paid ads. Thanks for sharing this review.

    • Hi Ivan

      That is so interesting about the Internet Jetset course – I’m glad he has moved on to something more useful. I am all for free traffic! It takes time but you are learning so many skills along the way ahead of diving into paid traffic.

      Thanks a lot for the comment.



  3. I subscribed John’s YouTube channel but I have never purchased anything. To be honest, I like his style a lot, he can really explain everything so you understand it stright away. I agree with you that you can get cheaper prices on the market so I wouldn’t purchase anything at the moment.
    It’s so true when you talked about facebook ads, there are very strict rules in place. i got my account banned recently, but luckily now I got it back 🙂

    • Hi Olga

      Many thanks for this. Yes, his style is great and I really enjoy watching him. I wonder how many of his students have lost their Facebook accounts. Maybe he has some secret tip to help them, otherwise they could really be stuck.



  4. Hi Jean. Thank you for your informative review. Frankly speaking, I didn’t know much about John Crestani therefore didn’t know he is running Super Affiliate System Pro until I come across your this review article.

    From your article I get to learn more information about Facebook ads. I have been always wondering does all these ads can really help to bring in more sales to my website. It’s not cheap to run ads and some more no guarantee will bring in sales.

    I think for a newbie will be a too big investment to go into affiliate marketing online business. There is a cheaper way to start affiliate marketing online business which I am into now – Wealthy Affiliate Marketing. I have done a research on it before I join and it has lot of good reviews.

    • Hi Janet

      I’m sure if you get Facebook ads right you could make a ton of money but as you say, there are no guarantees. I’m sure I will try it some time but for now will still with the free traffic model.




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