Sellery Review – Do Amazon Sellers Really Need This?

If you have an Amazon FBA business the chances are you will already have heard of the new tool, Sellerly. But do you really need it? In this Sellerly Review, I will investigate what is on offer, how much it costs, and if Sellerly is worth the money.

If you are one of the 2.4 million Amazon sellers, you know there are an infinite number of things that can go wrong.

One minute you are on page 1, living the dream with fantastic product sales, planning your retirement to the Bahamas. The next minute you’re nowhere, or worse still, your account has been suspended!

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Sellerly has been created to flag potential threats and also highlights potential opportunities including competitor intelligence. If this sounds good, read on!

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Who created Sellerly

Sellerly is owned by digital marketing tools giant, Semrush. It has more than 7 million members paying upwards of $119 per month and is one of the leaders in its field.

With this sort of pedigree, I am expecting great things from the Sellerly tool!

What is Sellerly?

First of all, (at the time of writing), it only works on (If you are based in the UK, Europe, or the rest of the world, you can still use it if you sell on

There are 4 key features:

Listing protection

This tool enables you to monitor your own listings AND competing listings. There is no limit to the number of listings you can add.

Set up alerts (by email or SMS) to warn you:

  • When you have lost the buy box
  • When you have lost your position
  • When your competitor has changed their price
  • When your listing has been hijacked

This is super-valuable, especially if you have lots of listings.

Traffic insights

So this isn't exactly cheating. Well okay, it is cheating but all's fair in love and Amazon FBA!

This tool enables you to check the external traffic sources of your competitors. You can find out their audience numbers and check out the maximum audience potential.

This could be really useful for assessing the potential of new products that you may want to launch. You can work with 3 listings at a time.


Split Testing

Split testing can be an absolute pain but this tool makes it much easier. You can split-test by:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Image
  • Price

Top tip - run one test at a time and allow at least 7 days before changing anything. (Having said that, you can monitor the results as you go and if you see anything disastrous, amend as necessary.)

Listing quality

While this tool is somewhat less sexy than Traffic Insights, it is essential for giving your listings the best chance of performing well.

It monitors:

  • Amazon requirements - If you have ever had a listing shut down, you will really appreciate this tool which makes sure that if your listing is not compliant, you will know about it!
  • Listing quality score - Checks your overall listing health and get the chance to improve images or anything else detracting from the look for your listing
  • Amazon style guides - Get your listing perfectly aligned to Amazon's style for the best performance
  • Ideas tab - Get ideas for optimizing your listing directly from advice from Amazon excellence


One of the trademarks of Semrush is its outstanding training. There are webinars for Sellerly, an extensive training course, and a blog to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends.

Customer Service

If you've done all the training and are still stuck (or even if you haven't!), the Customer Service team is there to help you out. They can be contacted by email, phone, or through their social media channels.

How much is it?

The monthly cost is $50 but you can currently get 2 months for $50. You get full functionality so you can give it a proper test before deciding if it's for you. You can get limited functionality just for signing up.


Pros of Sellerly

  • Sellerly has been created by people who understand what Amazon sellers meed
  • It frees you up to have a bit of a life instead of checking your listing all day long!
  • It makes keeping track of the competition much easier
  • It offers insights that you wouldn't normally discover e.g. checking competitor audience numbers to consider the viability of new products
  • You can find new traffic sources by reviewing the successful efforts of your competition
  • Split testing reporting makes it much easier to see what's working than trying to do it on your own
  • You will know if for any reason you have fallen out of compliance or if your listing has been hijacked. You can't afford to have your account suspended when you are on a roll (or ever!)
  • You get ideas for making your listing better and getting a competitive edge

Cons of Sellerly

  • Currently, you can only use it with listings on

Is Sellerly worth the money?

In my opinion, 100% yes! When you consider the amount of money you can make if you have the right products it's a small price to pay. If you are just getting started, you can sign up for the free trial (or just sign up to get limited access).


In the super-competitive world of digital marketing, intelligence is everything. The more you know about your competitors, the better your chances of success.

Using tools like Sellerly is the equivalent of sharpening your axe. You might get by without it but you won't go with the same speed or precision!

Are you an Amazon seller? If so, I would love to know what you think about the introduction of Sellerly in the comments below.

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  1. hi,

    this sounds like a great product for anyone who are selling on or if you are thinking of doing so.

    The cost seems reasonable too, as other products similar to this may cost double.

    As you say, the only issue is the fact they haven’t rolled it out worldwide as yet. I’m sure its only a matter of time.

    Great and honest review as ever and an easy read too.

    Thanks again.

    • Thank, Lee.

      I nearly started an Amazon FBA business myself as it happens! The cost was prohibitive though so I opted for a blog instead.




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