The Best Blogs For Bloggers – Prepare To Be Inspired!

Have you found some incredible blogs that offer astonishing value? I have. In The Best Blogs For Bloggers, I will share blogs by real people (as opposed to faceless websites) where their key aim is to offer value to their followers by providing truly awesome content.

And remember, each one of these people was once new to this so don’t be intimidated by their greatness! If top-quality, actionable advice about how to create a successful blog is what you’re looking for, this post is essential reading for you.

I know you are supposed to do the longest ever list for ranking purposes, however, I am focusing on the blogs that I know, engage with regularly, and get great value from.

This site includes some affiliate links – if you buy through my link I may get paid a commission but the price remains the same for you. Thank you for your support.

Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy

I love Adam Enfroy’s story – in just over 2 years, his blog hit 7 figures in revenue! It’s great to have a captivating story to share with your prospective audience and they don’t come any better than that. I mean who wouldn’t want to know how he did it?

It looks like he came from nowhere but he did at least have something of a clue about what he was doing. He was already a talented digital marketer with BigCommerce and had dabbled with launching online businesses before.

Being a smart guy, he invested in personal development and saw what was holding him back (perfectionism) and what causes the failure of most bloggers. Adam’s theory about why 95% of bloggers fail is that they can’t transition from writers to business owners. His approach turns that on its head.

My favorite post is How I Wrote 80+ Guest Posts In 1 Year – this was absolutely key in the growth of He is very generous, sharing everything he does with his Facebook Group, and is convinced that anyone can do what he did.

I love the way he aims to get people off on the right foot when they get started by recommending they outsource much of what they won’t have time to do. He is currently working on a course and I’m sure some of his students will go on to do great things.


Authority Hacker

      The guys don’t always agree but the advice they offer is pure gold

Authority Hacker is a blog run by Frenchman Gael Breton and (fellow) Scot, Mark Webster which caught my attention straight away. Most experts in the world of blogging are Americans or Canadians and as much as I love you all, it is seriously refreshing to hear a French and Scottish accent on their podcast.

I first came across Authority Hacker when researching content opportunities for affiliate programs in various niches on Google. I soon discovered that Authority Hacker usually had the first or second spot. Rather than being intimidated, I am fascinated by these guys and love their site.

They met through mutual friends and to cut a long story short, ended up starting a successful SEO company while living in Budapest. But there was just one small fly in the ointment – the pesky clients!

They often ended up doing (or outsourcing) tedious, simple (but necessary) tasks and found it rather dull, so they sold it and started creating their own niche websites.

The guys share the wisdom they have picked up along the way and, although they have their own course to sell, they share a ton of information freely on their site and on the podcast. Incidentally, the podcast is also on YouTube.

I find the podcast entertaining as they don’t agree on everything which is somewhat comforting – it just goes to show that a) no one person has all the answers and b) different approaches to the same problem can work. One thing is for sure, I ALWAYS learn a lot.

There is an abundance of great posts on the blog but the one that really hooked me was How We Sold An 18-Month Old Site For Mid 6 Figures (And The Exact Tactics We Used To Grow It This Fast). Again, who wouldn’t want to know that?


Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn
                          Pat totally rockin’ that beard! Seriously!

If you know Pat Flynn, I’ll bet you like him. He is just a regular guy who has learned how to make the online world work like a charm and, having done so himself, is passionate about sharing what he knows. Considering the ton of money he makes, he is still down to earth and very accessible.

Pat started his career as an architect who ended up jobless like so many others following the 2008 crash. Out of sheer necessity, he got stuck in and learned how to build his first online businesses.

He says that ‘building a successful business is about helping serve others first…’. I couldn’t agree more. He is such a prolific trainer. Smart Passive Income includes guides on:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Online Course Creation
  • Business Development
  • Personal Development
  • Book Publishing

This is epic value – naturally, he has courses for sale for those who want to dive deeper – but he has an incredible amount available free. He is also well-known for producing an excellent podcast, SPI, which must be one of the longest-running in the industry (who else has had 45m downloads?).

I have been listening to Pat’s book ‘Let Go’ – an updated version (on Audible) where he shares a story about receiving feedback he got from a listener to his Podcast back in 2012.

He had just been about to quit but discovered that his Podcast had inspired someone to achieve his goals and totally turn his life around! I challenge you to read (or listen) to this book without a big grin on your face. It is fabulous.

Pat has just launched an affiliate program for the custom-designed web player he has created, the Smart Podcast Player which is sure to be a winner.

I nearly forgot to say that my fave post of Pat’s is The 2 Quickest Ways to Earn An Income Online. It’s so clever and so helpful. (The headline’s not too shabby either.)

Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson Twitter Profile

Until fairly recently, had somehow escaped me. Happily, I did stumble across his blog and discovered some seriously valuable content.

Ryan’s first foray into entrepreneurship came with a product idea when he was still at college called the istash. He has written a really fun (but serious) piece about the lessons learned in How to Create a Product Nobody Wants and Lose $6,537. He did indeed learn from it!

Ryan has consulted with some of the world’s biggest start-ups, but his blog is aimed squarely at people either just starting out on their blogging journey or looking to scale their business. Like Pat, he has so many guides – it really is a colossal body of work (I have bookmarked lots of pages!).

So far, my favorite post is 10 Blog SEO Strategies to Get 584,958+ Readers/Mo (SEO for Bloggers) I am looking forward to checking out his podcast, The Side Hustle Project.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel

I nearly left off this list because the aim of his website is largely (by providing epic content) to grow his digital marketing agency. Also, I believe he has quite a team supporting him.

However, he is very much the face of the business and the quality and volume of the free content he offers are simply undeniable. Also, as his website appears on pretty much every single search I perform, he really should be included!

If you don’t know Neil, check out What Is Neil Patel About? If you need a quick 5-8 minute teach-in on how to do anything SEO-related, check out his YouTube channel!

The best value for new bloggers can be found under the Training section on the website where you can learn in some depth about SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email list building, and more. Also, he offers one of the more affordable keyword research tools in Ubersuggest. (There is a free version too.)

His philosophy is that sooner or later people will learn what works so you may as well be ahead of the game and tell them first! Thanks, Neil!


What do these guys have in common?

  • They offer value first. They know that when you offer value without expecting compensation, great things happen. I’m not saying they are doing it for the good of their health, but they don’t put the money first
  • They have made mistakes or found what doesn’t work and pivoted to get where they want to be (it took Neil Patel 10 years to enjoy his current level of success)
  • They didn’t say ‘this is too hard’ (well, they might have done I guess!) but found ways to improve their craft
  • They scaled. When they got good at it, they did LOADS more of the same
  • They have tons of energy – when you start moving in the direction of your goals you will find you have energy too

One more thing – they are all men! If anyone knows why there are no women in this niche at this level, please put a note in the comments! If I have missed any, please let me know! (Maybe we are not nerdy enough?)

If you can embody the traits of these incredible individuals half as well as they have, you will have a very successful blog.

How to use these blogs

It would be very, very easy to start reading the excellent content on these blogs and spend hours learning all the ‘how tos’ and tuning into the podcasts but you could lose days (or weeks) of your life! I recommend that:

  • You focus on taking action on your own blog first – I’m sure there are some very knowledgeable people who never even got started!
  • Decide on a certain amount of time for studying blogs and set a timer. Otherwise, one great post will lead to another and another.
  • Make notes as you go and take action on what you learn at the earliest opportunity or you are likely to forget it
  • Listen to podcasts when you are on the move or cooking to make the most of your time. Try to listen to at least 2 a week – you will be amazed at what you learn and the content ideas that can come from one small point.


There has never been a better time to find the information you need to have a successful blog. By following the steps of successful people, you can (in time) enjoy the same success. I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I do.

In closing, allow me to indulge in 2 of my favorite quotes that seem appropriate:

  • ‘You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want’ – Zig Ziglar
  • ‘Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better’ – Jim Rohn (yeah, I hate that one too, I wish it was easier)

If you are still pondering getting started on your blogging journey, or if you have got started and got stuck, check out How To Get A Website Up and Running (and stay sane!) which shares how I went from hopeless to hopeful!

Do you follow any of the blogs above? If so, I would love to hear about the impact they have made in the comments below.


10 thoughts on “The Best Blogs For Bloggers – Prepare To Be Inspired!”

  1. Really enjoyed this post, love hearing success stories from fellow entrepreneurs and this is a great list of some successful online business builders.

    I follow a couple of them already and will definitely check out the rest of them.

    Really love your recommendations.

    And the things they have in common was very cool to read.

    No question that adding value is the way to go in any business but especially online. The more you give the more that comes back to you. I always try to provide as much value and information on every post I make as possible.

    They made mistakes! Love this, isn’t that always the way in business? Most people don’t see success because they have a few failures and then quit. Mistakes and failures are how you learn. The key is to keep on keeping on. Fail your way to the top! 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Rob

      I couldn’t agree more about making mistakes. You can either beat yourself up or realize that you are getting closer to your goal by taking action, learning what doesn’t work, and fixing it!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, glad you enjoyed it.



  2. Hi Jean,

    I really enjoyed these success stories. Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you success.


  3. Hi Jean,

    great post, really enjoyed this. I haven’t heard of most of the people in your list but it shows how big the internet is and just how many people are out there being successful without them being household names!

    It makes you think, if people are discovered, there is a wealth of amazing content out there, its just finding it right…kinda like this website!

    Once people know and follow you, your away.

    I must admit, I have seen authority hacker before, along with Neil Patel. Both great at what they do. Both of them I stumbled across.

    If you are into blogging and want to know how the guys at the top do it, then you must take their material seriously.

    Another great post.

    Keep up the great work!



    • Hi Lee

      Glad you enjoyed it. I see you are doing more on YouTube than your blog now. Suits your content really well. Stick at it buddy!



  4. Hi there Jean, Great article! It seems like blogging is the way to go in this day and age. So many people have been stuck at home and are losing their social skills. Blogging seems to be what is becoming more and more successful. I recently started blogging and enjoy it. I’m glad you put some good resources and recommendations on here. I plan on checking them all out.
    Thanks for thinking of people like me and creating this article. I appreciate your efforts more than you know!
    Stay Healthy!
    Jamie L.

    • Hi Jamie

      You are right about blogging being the way to go, however, with so many blogs out there you need to right skills to compete. That is why I am making a point of finding out what these guys do! Do check them out and perhaps just follow the one that resonates with you the most.

      I have seen your blog actually, it’s coming along nicely.



  5. Hi Jean,

    This is such an inspirational article and you really have discussed some great bloggers around the world. When I started my blog last year, Neil Patel was and still is one of the blogs I was reading a lot. His advice and training on content writing and SEO is so valuable and has really helped me. It is taking a lot longer than I thought but I am in a good place and understand that SEO and content marketing are small daily steps rather than one huge step.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom

      Thanks a lot for the great feedback. I discovered Neil Patel fairly early on too (well, he does appear at the top of the rankings A LOT) but am guilty of jumping from his training to someone else’s to someone else’s! Glad you are getting on well with your blog – it’s definitely a marathon rather than a sprint!

      Kind regards,



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