What Is Cloud 9 Life? Will It ‘Fuel Your Fearless’?

I recently spotted an article about a new MLM business in the health niche that looked really interesting. The name on the label was Cloud 9 Life. If you are a regular visitor to Your Job Escape Plan, you will know that I was in MLM for 10 years and although I (finally!) decided it wasn’t for me, I am still fascinated by checking out the options. So what is Cloud 9 Life? (At this stage I should say that I have no affiliation to Cloud 9 Life.)

Name: Cloud 9 Life

Website: https://cloud9life.com/

Owner: CEO is A.K. Khalil, President is Chet Seely

Product range: Health / Wellness Supplements

Price to join: Fast Start Pack – $110, Value Pack – $210, Builder Pack $459. (Each comes with a different amount of product.) There is a joining fee included and an annual renewal fee of $49.99 applies.

Overall rating: 4.2 / 5.0 (I have marked it down slightly because it is a brand new business)

About Cloud 9 Life

Cloud 9 Life only started in January 2020 so is brand new in the health/wellness marketplace. There is a focus on gut health and they have a very clever campaign to get Executives and Customers started with the ‘Fuel Your Fearless Challenge’ which involves taking a particular product for 8 weeks so you can feel the difference for yourself.

You need to take before and after photos, buy certain amounts of the product and submit an essay of 250 – 500 words. Upon completion, you will get a $50 credit against a future purchase.

If you are serious about joining an MLM, I would absolutely recommend that you give the products a really good try before committing to becoming a distributor. You will have to genuinely believe in what you are selling and believe you are helping people by offering them your product so this is really a win/win situation.

What is Cloud 9 Life?

The product range

3-in-30 System $62.49 (3-day and 30-day supply). This is the product that first grabbed my attention which is essentially a gut health supplement. I have been reading a lot recently about the importance of having the right balance of gut microbiome which is apparently essential for your immune system but also for the communication between your gut and your brain.

It has been suggested (although no one can actually claim that this is a fact) that mental health issues such as anxiety can be improved by getting your gut in order which I find very interesting. Cloud 9 says that it also has a role to play in the levels of fatigue, joint and muscle discomfort, weight gain, mental clarity, and cardiovascular challenges.

Focus Fix $49.99 for 30 capsules. These veggie capsules ‘deliver key nutrients and produce an energized alertness. Brain fog is such an epidemic these days, I hardly know anyone who can maintain focus for more than 5 minutes (myself included) so I can see how this would be attractive.

Quench $49.99 for 30 servings. They describe this as a pre and post-workout essential ‘Electrolytes combined with a smooth energy lift for a vitality and aliveness that hydrating with water alone can’t provide’.

Higher Ground $24.99 for 20 servings. This is a pure 100% Colombain Aribica coffee with turmeric which is known as a superfood that apparently supports a strong immune system while tasting great.

Secret Weapon $49.99 for 30 capsules. ‘Accelerator fat burner and mood booster.’

Great Greens $37.49 for 30 servings. ‘From first light to good night, power your days with nutrient-dense greens and Cordyceps mushrooms’.

Mission Control $49.99 for 30 servings. ‘If excess weight has been a trouble spot for you, now you can balance your blood glucose and breakthrough stubborn weight plateaus with Mission Control’.

You can also get various bundles and make savings i.e. Improve Focus Repair, Increase Energy and Immune System Repair, and Weight Control Repair Bundle.

Personally, I am skeptical of anything that mentions ‘fat burning’ but they may be the most popular products.

What is Cloud 9 Life?

The Compensation Plan

Customer Commissions – Earn Customer commissions equal to 25% of the Points* on all purchases made in your Customer’s first 4 weeks.’

Executive Commissions – Earn Executive commissions equal to 25% of the Points* on all purchases made in your sponsored Executive’s first 4 weeks.

Matching Bonus – As a paid-as 1 Star or above Sponsor of an Executive who sponsors a new Customer or Executive, earn a matching bonus equal to 25% of the Points* on all purchases made during a Customer’s or Executive’s first 4 weeks.

Customer Cloud Bonus – This is a bonus that pays on your ongoing customer purchases where top-level retailers can earn an extra $3,000 per month.

What is cloud 9 life?

Advancement and Team Building – this is so confusing, I am putting a link here so you can study it at your leisure! Cloud 9 Life Compensation Plan

Achievement Bonus – Earn a one-time bonus for achieving the rank of 1 Star, 2 Star and 3 Star in your first 90 days as an Executive.What is Clout 9 Life?

Lifestyle Bonus – Based on your Team Points‡, earn rank and a guaranteed monthly bonus every month you consecutively achieve 2 Star or higher by the 15th and 4 Star or higher by the end of the month.What is Clout 9 Life?

Community Commission – As a 1 Star and above, earn a generational commission* based on your rank and Team Points†. A generation is defined and begins once the paid as rank of 1 Star Executive is achieved.What is Cloud 9 Life

Leadership Coded Bonus – As an 8 Star and above, earn a specific amount per rank on 1 Stars and above within your organization up to the next 8 Star. What is Cloud 9?

I do hope you are getting all this! MLM compensation plans are notoriously difficult to understand so do check it all out in detail for yourself at Cloud 9 Life Compensation Plan

*Points from orders of new Executives and Customers are allocated to Community Commissions payout beginning on 31st day from initial order.†Points are assigned to each product for the purpose of rank qualification and commission calculations.‡Earn upon achieving rank for two consecutive months

And another thing

Cloud 9 Life has a program called ‘Purchase to Purpose’ which donates 3% of the proceeds of all sales to a selection of worthy causes which the customer gets to choose.

Pro’s of Cloud 9 Life

  • There is a strong emphasis on retail sales which means you can earn a decent amount even if you don’t want to sponsor
  • The health/wellness niche is massive
  • The products are attractive and not outrageously priced
  • The company ethos of energizing your body and taking control of your life will strike a chord with many
  • They have a Blog that you could share with your community

Cons of Cloud 9 Life

  • The health/wellness niche is massively competitive – you will need to stand out
  • As with every MLM, all distributors are selling exactly the same product. If your family and friends are not interested (which is likely in my experience) you will need to have a plan of both how to retail and how to sponsor
  • It’s a brand new business. This could be a good thing or a bad thing –  my recommendation is always to go for a well-established, proven business. Having said that, Mary Kay recently closed down in Australia and New Zealand which just goes to show that well-established companies can also get into difficulty.


If you are adept at selling and sponsoring online, and you find you love the product, you could be onto a winner. If you are relying on converting friends and family, I would look for something easier.

Alternatively, you could learn how to start a blog sharing all sorts of helpful nutrition information where you can cultivate customers and prospective distributors! Check out my post, Making Money Blogging For Beginners if this is something you could get excited about, and check out my number one recommendation since I moved on from Network Marketing.

Do you have experience with Cloud 9 Life? If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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