What Is The Ubersuggest Tool?

If you read my recent post on keyword research, you will know the importance of having a good keyword research tool, but what is the Ubersuggest tool?

I stumbled across it when I discovered Neil Patel (who appears in every single Google search I perform!). He bought the Ubersuggest keyword research tool and has developed it to contain all the metrics he considers the most useful to help people find the right keywords, regardless of how competitive their niche.

As a fan of this tool, I will share a review highlighting what I think are the best features of Ubersuggest.

I am not affiliated to Ubersuggest or Neil Patel, but there may be other affiliate links in this page. If you purchase anything by clicking on my links, I may receive a commission. Thanks for your support.

Keyword Overview

This is one of the most helpful areas of Ubersuggest. Simply enter the keyword you are looking for and it will show you the search volume, approximate Cost Per Click (CPC), SEO AND paid difficulty. i.e. if it is under 30, it’s probably okay to go after, above 30, it will be more difficult to rank for.

Additionally, it shows the sites ranking for the keyword, how much traffic they are getting (roughly), how many social shares, backlinks and domain authority score.

If that wasn’t enough, it splits the traffic into mobile and desktop, shows the age range of the searchers and splits that out into paid and organic.

You can then click on these top performing sites and you will get a list of all the keywords they are ranking for.

What is the Ubersuggest tool?

Keyword Ideas Report

This will give you suggestions and related keywords, comparisons, the questions people are asking and will show what sites are ranking, the traffic, backlinks, social shares etc., again with the scores so that you can make an educated estimate of your chances of ranking for that keyword.

This is super-helpful, especially if the initial keyword is too competitive – you have suggestions of keywords that you have a fighting chance of ranking for.

He pulls them from Google Suggest and AdWords so is always sourcing what is current. You can even download a csv spreadsheet with around 200 of the top recommended keywords free of charge. This is pure SEO gold!

What is the Ubersuggest tool?
Remember to download the csv spreadsheet of the keyword ideas!

Content Ideas

If you put specific keywords into Content Ideas on Ubersuggest, it will tell you all the specific blog posts that are ranking for those terms based on the topic. Again, you will see the social shares, backlinks, traffic etc.

You can click on the post and read it and click on the backlinks to see what sort of sites and linking into this sort of keyword. You will also see all the keywords the post has.

Now that you have this information, what will you do with it? Neil recommends that you study the top posts and create better versions of them. He calls it the skyscraper technique – taken from times when people used to try to build the highest building to out-do their competitor. (Which I am sure is still going on!)

Actually this makes me think of the wonderful Italian town of San Gimignano – a city of ancient towers. Like the and ancient Italian version of new York!

What he means is make your post more in-depth than your competition, search for angles they haven’t included and do your best ever job of covering them. Also, be sure to link to other relevant posts on your own site and possibly external sites too.

If you have the right keyword and use this strategy it will seriously improve your chances of ranking.

What is the Ubersuggest tool?
San Gimignano, Italy. The rich used to build higher towers than their neighbours back in the day.

Traffic Analyzer

This report shows what keywords do well and what ones do not on any keyword that site is targeting. Sometimes there seems to be no logical reason why a keyword does not get traffic but that is how it is.

You will find over time with your own posts that around 20% of your posts will be responsible for about 80% of your traffic. It’s just how it is. (Which incidentally is in line with the Perato Principle or 80/20 rule. If you are interested in learning more, click here.)

Site Audit Report

Ubersuggest offers a Site Audit Report free of charge to all subscribers.It only takes about 10 minutes to run, and it shows you all the issues that your have to fix in the order that they need fixing.

This is especially useful as it is the quickest, most important and easiest fixes that show at the top of the list. You can get to the bottom of the list some time or never – these will be less impactful and are generally the trickier ones to fix.

This is an extremely popular page as you will see form the image of Neil’s ‘Top Traffic Pages’. Who wouldn’t want 47,000 page views per month!

It also includes a backlinks report so you can see who is linking to the posts. (Yours or your competitors.)

What is the Ubersuggest tool?
You can check the top traffic pages for any website!


How to get started with Ubersuggest

To get started, go to Ubersuggest and create an account. Then go to ‘new project’. This will create a site audit report for you and you can then track your success over time as you take the actions described about and as your site matures (if you have a new site which will take up to 6 months to start seeing traffic).

I would recommend starting out with the free version. You get 10 search results each day (but remember, you can still download those keyword ideas reports that include around 200 results).

If this won’t be enough for you, there is a paid option which costs £29 per month for 1-3 sites or a one off payment of £290 for lifetime membership. (There are also versions for business managing 4-7 websites and an agency version for 8+ sites.)

In Conclusion

There are some incredible value sites out there if you know where to look. Ubersuggest is one of the best. If you study how to use them, you can really become competitive over time, even if you are new.

I am a member of an online training and community website that includes a keyword research tool in the Premium membership version – check out my review here.

As I need help with my website A LOT, not to mention guidance on content creation and paid ads, I use this but also use the free version of Ubersuggest for checking out what I need to do to beat the competition!

Have you used this tool or do you use another keyword research tool? If so, I would love to hear about your wins and struggles in the comments below.

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