Sell What You Know – Can You Become a Coach in 12 Weeks?

In a world where the job market is changing, people are re-evaluating their lives. Could training to become a coach be the answer for you to start afresh?

Sell What You Know is a 12-week training program that teaches you how to start your own coaching business from scratch. If this could be for you, read on to find out if you should give it a go.

I stumbled across the program in a YouTube ad recently. Normally I skip the ads but there was something about Alex Smale that got my attention.

Although I am not (yet) an aspiring coach, I do help people to get started with online businesses using a blog. So I thought there may be some nougats for me.

Furthermore, the future of e-learning (which will become the mainstay of your online coaching business) is massive! Don’t take my word for it, check out 29 Astonishing E-Learning Statistics for 2021 by Techjury.

I signed up for Alex Smale’s e-book and joined in the webinar. He reckons that most people know a lot about something! And they could turn that knowledge into a coaching business.

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Sell What You Know


Owner: Alex Smale

Product: 12-week long coaching program to help you become a coach in your chosen niche

Price: Sorry, I couldn’t find out but I believe there is a mini-course for £295

Who is Alex Smale?

Lots of course promoters are well-known entrepreneurs in the online marketing space but this was the first time I had seen Alex.

He has had varied fortunes in life including being homeless twice! He reached a point when winning the lottery was his only plan for living a better life and quickly realized he would have to make some changes!

He has an interesting background having started out as a graphic artist, creating 2 and 3D images for the big players in the gaming industry back in the day.

He has carried over some of those skills to a business he is CEO and Founder of called ImmersiCare where he has
created a range of virtual reality experiences for people living with dementia.

He has also been involved in business development for a zoo and social media role for a wildlife park so knows a bit about marketing.

On top of that, he is a photographer who branched out into helping people turn their photography hobby into a business. This looks like being his first foray into online coaching which he has clearly developed into coaching for coaches, regardless of niche.

Sell What You Know webinar

Alex starts off by sharing a graph he has made showing the number of years that have passed in his life (45 at the time of writing) and how many he hopes to live. (This is very scary but worth doing.)

He suggests that you do the same and consider this question. How many of the years you have lived could you say that you had spent in freedom and fulfillment? And how many more years are you prepared to live in that state?

He goes on to share why people do indeed go on in that state which includes:

  • Fear of risk
  • No time
  • Lack of ideas
  • Lack of time

Sell What You See

I don’t think anyone would disagree that the entrepreneurial route is the way to go!

What will you learn from Sell What You Know?

The course is broken down into 5 steps:

Your coaching offer

The offer needs to have the following attributes:

  • Have a high perceived value that will be the answer to your prospects problems
  • Have clear steps so your audience can see that they can do it
  • Should be something that you are passionate about and keen to help others to succeed with

How to build trust

Without trust, you will have zero clients, but how do you get trust?

  • Offer value without asking for anything in return
  • Give people a chance to get to know you by sharing your story and (as Alex did) through a webinar
  • Be yourself and share your values

How to market effectively

According to Alex, often a start-up coaching business only needs:

  • One good ad
  • One good ad platform
  • One good audience

Rather than try to sell something in your advert, you should aim to teach something your audience did not know. That way you will continue to build trust.

Authentic sales

Nothing turns people off more than a sales pitch. Consequently, you should help your prospect make a buying decision (even if it’s no!) by giving them the information they need

Easy Fulfillment

Whatever you are promoting, it has to be easy to buy. I like Alex’s style in that he offers a 45-minute free consultation call to see if it might Sell What You Know might be for you.

This is a 2-way process – if you are not a fit, you won’t be asked to join. If you are a fit, it’s up to you if you think it offers what you are after.

What will stop you?

Alex says the key things that keep people from getting started include:

  • Worrying they won’t be good enough and no one will pay for what they know
  • Concerns that the training will be overwhelming
  • Anxious that they won’t be equipped to cope with certain situations
  • Believing they won’t get any (or get too many!) clients

The key thing if you are tackling any new venture is to follow someone who has been there already and Alex certainly has plenty of evidence to show that he is the man to follow.

What can you earn as a coach?

Naturally, no one can guarantee what anyone will earn as a coach as there are so many different variables. As with anything, some people will start and do very little and some people will be on fire!

Alex shared this slide in his webinar.

Pros of Sell What You Know

  • Alex has made this work and seems to have the process down to a tee
  • You can take your knowledge and package it in a way that can help people – this is where the fulfillment is
  • As well as the potential to set you free financially, you can genuinely help others
  • You can start with coaching one-on-one and making money relatively quickly

Cons of Sell What You Know

  • Not everyone has knowledge of something that could they could use in coaching (not really the fault of the course!)
  • The only thing that makes me raise an eyebrow about Sell What You Know is the earnings page. £30k per month for an individual is huge! Having said that, given that you can coach lots of people at one time (in the long term), I can see how it could be possible.


I liked Alex Smale’s approach very much. The fact that he got my attention and knows how to present his offer in such a professional and effective way gives me confidence that he can teach you to do the same.

If you are interested in starting your own coaching business, there’s nothing to lose by scheduling a call to decide if it’s for you. (As with anything where you are parting with money, please do your own due diligence.)

For me right now, I enjoy helping people to get started with their blog! If starting a blog is interesting to you, read about how I got started in my post How To Get A Website Up and Running and Stay Sane!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.




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