Blogging Fast Lane Review – Can You Overtake The Competition?

If you are a blogger, you will know that the biggest drawback to starting a blog is (alas!) that it takes so long to drive traffic to your website. Consequently, when I saw an ad for the Blogging Fast Lane on Facebook, I signed up for the webinar quick-sharp!

Is it really possible to find a fast way to do this? In this Blogging Fast Lane Review, you will find out why the creators think it is the fastest way to success.

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Name: Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator


Quality of instruction: 5/5

Suitability for newbies: 5/5

Suitability for experienced bloggers: 4/5

Price: $2,500 (at the time of writing there is an introductory offer of $697)


Who is behind Blogging Fast Lane?

Anna and Tom Blogging Fast Lane
                                            Living the dream!

Blogging Fast Lane was created by Anna Faustino from the Philippines and Tom Rogers from Wales. They met in Vietnam while traveling and romance blossomed. So much so that Tom moved to the Philippines where they both had jobs in Manila.

They were not loving the lifestyle (understatement!) and pursued their dream of traveling again by creating a travel blog. However, they found it was taking all their spare time and while it did make some money, wasn’t close to achieving their goal.

The turning point came on a visit to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they met a number of bloggers absolutely crushing it using all sorts of different strategies.

As a consequence, they swapped writing colossal amounts of blog posts for focussed SEO, email marketing, and a new content strategy! Did it work? Yes! Their blog Adventure In You now earns in the region of $30,000 per month!

What does the course consist of?

Week 1

The focus in week one is on mindset and finding your ‘blue ocean’. The ‘blue ocean’ training is a way of finding your niche. The idea is to pick something you are passionate about but really narrow it down by audience and the unique attributes you will bring.

By following this process you should avoid getting into a super-competitive niche.

Week 2

Week two focuses on learning the principles of and creating an affiliate marketing strategy.

Week 3

In week 3 the focus is on understanding user intent and optimizing links for conversions including how to produce posts that your readers will be looking for.

Week 4

This is one of the most impressive parts of the course. There is a school of thought that you need to be publishing posts all the time.

Anna and Tom found that when they stopped doing this and focused on creating content silos (my word, not theirs), it made a massive difference. Adventure In You now attracts in the region of 500k visits per month.

Week 5

Week 5 focuses on keyword research with optimization tips. An SEO Cheat Sheet is also available to keep you on track.

Week 6

This part focuses on ONE THING that will help you ‘sky rocket’ your traffic. I might just have to take the course to see what it is as they are not giving it away!

Week 7

This week shares how to ‘build an engaged community through ‘Trust Marketing’ using step-by-step lessons.

Week 8

In week 8, you will be shown how to automate the ‘Trust Marketing’ system in a 1-click process.

Bloggin Fast Lane Course Details

What bonuses are on offer?

Bonus 1

7-day blogging fast lane launch plan – a step-by-step guide to setting up your blog (great for newbies).

Bonus 2

WordPress made simple video vault – for those who are not yet proficient in WordPress, these videos will show you the basics plus how to set up tables, etc.

Bonus 3

Blog Branding Kickstarter pack – This section is all about the aesthetics of your website. How to make it look good, how to resize images, and project a professional image.

Bonus 4

Pinterest explosion bonus lessons + book – Anna and Tom share the strategy that gets them 60k views from Pinterest alone! Includes video guides, Pinterest SEO, pin creation, etc.

Bonus 5

Time-hacking strategies – anyone else need more time? Me too! Get time-hacking strategies and the tips Tom and Anna use to stay productive and save precious hours each week.

Bonus 6

Business of blogging templates and resources – access to blog tracking systems and financial templates.

In the words of Peter Drucker “If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it”.  Check out more on this important philosophy here.

Bonus 7

Secret fast lane affiliate black book – details of the best affiliate programs across 7 niches.

Bonus 8

Lifetime access to everything – the content will be kept up-to-date and you will have access to the support group too.

Money back guarantee

Pros of Blogging Fast Lane

  • There are no upsells once you join. This is very comforting. With many other courses, you need to pay more to actually do everything originally advertised.
  • You can go at your own pace – if you have a full-time job or young children at home (or both!) you will appreciate that.
  • There is a focus on content silos (or clusters) and email marketing – these are really important and often overlooked in affiliate marketing courses.
  • There are lots of student testimonials sharing details of blog growth on their website.
  • The course creators have built an audience of 500K and revenue of $30k per month. They created this course using what they found that worked. They are worth listening to!
  • They are warm, genuine people who are excited to share what has changed their lives.
  • There is a 90-day money-back guarantee. That really is going above and beyond.

Cons of Blogging Fast Lane

  • For people with an established blog, there is a lot of wasted content. It might be worth Anna and Tom creating a separate course using some of these modules or offering to sell some modules separately. (Having said that, there is still a lot that can be learned – especially for anyone who isn’t quite at the $30k per month level!)
  • You will probably have to invest in a keyword research tool as it doesn’t look like there is one included.


If you want to get good at anything, it’s worth paying the people who have trodden the path already to show you the way. Otherwise, it can take years to get the results if indeed you ever get there at all.

To learn how I went from zero to (almost!) hero, click here.

Have you taken any courses to improve your capabilities in any sphere? If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.



6 thoughts on “Blogging Fast Lane Review – Can You Overtake The Competition?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this review of Blogging Fast Lane. I recently started a blog myself where I focus on reviewing products mostly. One thing I learned so far is that blogging takes time and effort. It takes a LOT of time and effort. But the results will follow those who stick to the strategy.

    I like the fact that Anna Faustino and Tom Rogers are experienced bloggers who have gone through everything they had to go through in order to build their success. I always like to learn more about blogging and these two seem to have a lot of value to share with this course.

    It’s also an encouraging fact to see those positive student testimonials as well as a money-back guarantee. I might be looking into this course so more. Thanks again for your awesome review!

    • Hi Ivan

      Many thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree – one of the most important things when considering a course is if the creators know what they are doing. These two sure do!

      Kind regards,


  2. Hi Jean,

    Thanks for showing us what’s inside Blogging Fast Lane and how it works. They have different thoughts about content creation because I learned to post new articles like crazy, so it makes me very interested.

    I am also interested in Bonus #4 – Pinterest explosion since it’s a good traffic source to drive traffic to my own website. However, I am not good at it. That’s why I find value in this program and will love to try it.


    • Hi Matt

      I’m with you on not having to post content constantly! I think Pinterest better works for some niches than others. If you have great images (like in travel) you tend to do better than less image-focused niches Having said that, I know there are exceptions.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.



  3. Hi Jean,

    This is a great post.

    It’s also an encouraging fact to see those positive student testimonials as well as a money-back guarantee. I’ve seen people struggling in this field as there is a very big competition and everyone wants to get succeeded but due to the large crowd in this field people do not get that much exposure and that is the main reason why people quit.

    But I think this article might help them a lot in succeeding.

    I will definitely share this to the people who need this as I know that these strategies are great and they might work wonders.


    • Hi Samantha

      Many thanks for your comments. You are right about blogging being super-competitive. Without having a course to follow and help from a community I definitely wouldn’t have kept going!

      Kind regards,



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