The Best Affiliate Programs With High Commission

When starting out on your affiliate marketing journey, it used to be easy to get excited at the prospect of Amazon Associates. Depending on your niche, it could still work for you but with Amazon commissions largely 3% and under, why not look at the Best Affiliate Programs With High Commission? 

In this post I will share insights into some of the best affiliate programs that have either high initial commission or that have recurring commissions but first let’s look at:

Why focus on high commission products?

At the risk of stating the obvious, it is hard work to get traffic to your website AND to then get a sale, so you really want to maximize your efforts. It takes the same amount of effort to promote both so why not go for the bigger money?

Imagine you have a goal to earn $5000 in affiliate commissions per month but the products you are promoting offer $10 commission each. You will have to sell 500 of these, which, unless you are a traffic generating machine (or spending a fortune on paid ads) is very unlikely and one of the reasons many affiliate marketers don’t succeed. (It’s worth noting that to earn $10 on Amazon Associates your customer would generally have to spend in the region of $330.)

If you earn $100 commission you only have to sell 50. If you earn $1,000 per sale you only have to sell 5, which makes the task feel much more attainable.

What about recurring commissions?

High commissions are lovely, but in my opinion, recurring commissions are even better. (Or a combination of both should have you living the lifestyle you are after!)

Ordinarily you make a sale, you get the commission and that is it. Great, but you are now starting from square one again to get more traffic and customers. However, with every customer where you get a recurring commission, you are contributing to your residual income which (for me anyway!) is the ultimate goal.

Don’t get hung up on one product or supplier. Diversification is the key. Having a number of great quality products or services with commission to match ensures that if market conditions change, products are removed from sale or your commission structure dramatically changes, your income should’t suffer too much.

There are great programs in every niche – these are just a few.

This site includes some affiliate links – if you buy through my link I get paid a commission but the price remains the same for you. Thank you for your support.


best affiliate programs with high commission

Online Business Tools

These have got absolutely massive potential for growing your income as an affiliate marketer, particularly if, like me, your website is geared around helping people to get started with an online business. Every single person, for example, is going to need web hosting!


Web hosting affiliate programs

Email affiliate programs

Parenting affiliate programs

Travel affiliate programs

Health affiliate programs

Beauty affiliate programs

Online course affiliate programs

Pet affiliate programs

One more for the road – Fiverr!


Web hosting affiliate programs


I am starting with Bluehost simply because for my target audience, it is a really good buy. When you are starting off on your online journey, you want something cheap and reliable. To be fair their isn’t a lot to choose between the top web hosts aimed at the starter market.

Commission starts at $65 per sign up but more can be earned depending on the level of hosting your customer chooses and also how many customers to have referred to Bluehost. (You can get up to £120.)


Hostgator must be one of the longest standing web hosting brands and has been around since 2002. (18 years is a long time in web hosting!) It offers similar benefits to the first-time blogger with a low cost option to get started.

Hostgator commission starts at $50 per sign up, rising in increments depending on sales volume up to $125 (when you hit 20 sales plus).


Kinsta is a little different to the first two in that it is operated on a Google Cloud platform. Their ad says ‘improve your site speed by 200%’ which is very attractive.

The minimum cost to the customer is $30 per month which is comparatively expensive but not everyone is on a budget and there are some people who want the best of everything.

For every sale you can earn from $50 – $500 and get a recurring payment of 10% on top of that! I am not an affiliate but will definitely check this one out in greater detail later.

Liquid Web

Now, if your target audience is beginner bloggers, this is not one for you. However, if your audience is made up of freelancers, businesses and agencies then it certainly could do. (Having said that, their is no reason why you can’t make it work using paid advertising and the right audience.)

Liquid Web’s main focus is on WordPress and Woocommerce hosting which essentially means that they take care of security, speed, website up time, daily backups and scalability. Commissions are from $150 – $7,000 (no, that is not a typo, for some Cloud hosting services they really do pay $7k commission).

Best affiliate programs with high commission
Get a free course from Pat Flynn when you sign up as an affiliate for ConvertKit

Email affiliate programs

Most people getting started with an online business will be looking for an email auto responder service. Or if they are not, they should be! (If I am talking about you, check out this Email Marketing Guide for tips on how to get started.)


I chose Aweber for my own email marketing because it is the auto responder of choice by quite a few top affiliates I know. Also, they have a great support service. I am not the most tech savvy and did need help to set up my first email series so I know that if people sign up for it there is no need for them to give up in frustration!

Also, you can sign up for free if you have less than 500 subscribers. This could be a good thing and a bad thing – you only make money, naturally, when people start paying but it should be easy to get people to sign up for free.

The first paid option is $19 and you get paid a recurring $5.70 (30%) which doesn’t sound like much but if you think about it, after one year you will have made $68.40, after 2 years $136.80 and after 3 years $205.20 and that is just one account. If you have 50 people sign up that is over £10k over 3 years which is very nice residual income. (Naturally your referrals need to keep using Aweber for the money to keep coming.)


ConvertKit has a great reputation and is also the auto responder of choice of legendary affiliate marketer, Pat Flynn, who is an affiliate for the product too. One of the best things about being an affiliate for Convert kit is that you get a free course by the man himself!

Commission is a recurring payment of 30% of the monthly costs of $29, $49 or $79. Again, an absolute winner for building residual income.

Get Response

GetResponse is one of the more exciting email affiliate opportunities as they offer a whopping $100 per referral! Or you can have 33% recurring commission. Pricing for the customer is $15, $49 or $99. Every option has a 30-day free trial.

It would be very tempting to take that $100 but the most sensible thing to do is go for the 33% recurring monthly commission. The choice is yours!


The best affiliate programs with high commission

Parenting affiliate programs

Positive Parenting Solutions

This is a really attractive option of courses for parents keen to live in harmony with their kids from toddlers to teens. They say it’s the ‘Only course that will get your kids to listen without yelling, nagging or losing control’. Who wouldn’t want that? If you are a ‘Mom blogger’ (or Dad!) who writes about parenting, this would be a really nice, credible product to promote.

Pricing options are from £199 – $350 and you get 25%.


This is the most adorable product with an incredible back story. The product is ‘The Lully Sleep Guardian’ which is a Teddy Bear that plays lullaby’s especially created by the product founder with the idea of helping children who suffer from the ‘night terrors’. It has proved hugely effective in tests so would be a great product to promote.

Commission is 20% and the average order value is in the region of $130.


The best affiliiate programs with high commission
Anyone else dying to go on holiday again? Me too!

Travel affiliate programs

While travel might not be the best market to be in right at this minute with all the restrictions, I am confident that the tide will turn and when people can travel freely again we will see a massive increase in the number of people who take holidays.

The Covid crisis has made us all realize just how much we value the chance to escape from the day-to-day.


Incredibly TripAdvisor offer 50% commission on all hotel bookings. (Note to self, book hotels direct for the best deal!). This is way above what most pay and almost makes me want to get into travel as a niche!


On the face of it, Expedia doesn’t look that exciting as they only pay 6% for hotel bookings but you can add to that with pre-book transfers and activities at 12% so the more you focus on the total holiday experience, the more potential their is to earn.


It’s hard to say how much you would make with this operation as they pay 70% of what they earn. You are effectively a 2nd tier affiliate. The benefit is that Travelpayouts work with the big brand hotels, airlines and car rental operators, buses and all sorts in many, many countries and it gives you the opportunity to just use one affiliate link.


The best affiliate programs with high commissions


Health affiliate programs

As more and more people take responsibility for their own well-being, this massively popular niche will continue to grow over time.

Physicians Choice

Physicians Choice is a really attractive option for anyone focussing on dietary supplements. Not only is it a very credible operation using naturally sourced ingredients for their supplements, but they have a really super website and blog so it’s quite possible they will link out to your content.

Better still, commission with the Physicians Choice Ambassador Program is 25% AND you get paid on recurring sales.

Tyent Water Ionizers

Water ionizers have become quite a thing! Tap water and even bottled water apparently contain contaminants that can be harmful. Tyent Water Ionizers claim that hydrogen water (essentially what their ionizers deliver) increases your energy, helps with weight loss, reduces joint pain and promotes overall health. AND is endorsed by Meghan Markle!

Tyent Affiliate Program is through ShareASale and offers 5% commission which is pretty decent when you consider that the price range is from roughly $2,000 – $4,000.

CBD Medic

This looks like one of the better pain relief businesses to come out since the market has really exploded due to the legalization of cannabis for this purpose.

CBD Medic has a really super product range, website, blog and a tone of 5 star reviews. If that wasn’t enough, they pay a generous 40% commission on products that cost in the region of $40 – $100.


The best affiliate programs with high commission


Beauty affiliate programs

Being an affiliate marketer in the world of beauty will be hugely attractive to some people. You only have to think about the potential for showing off new looks and ‘how to’s’ on YouTube and Instagram – the potential is massive. However, it’s not very easy to find beauty affiliate programs that pay commission of more than 10%. (They do exist if you look around, though.)

Alpyn Beauty

Alpyn Beauty is a premium brand of skincare products with a focus on sustainability and the use of botanicals in their products. The ethos is that by using plants that can thrive in any condition, be it heat, wind or snow, they also work to preserve and protect your skin in the same environments.


Sundaily is a really unique product with a very interesting proposition. The product, rather than applied to your skin is in the form of (nice tasting) ‘gummies’. There are two main products – ‘Base Layer’ which is for skin damage prevention and ‘Back Up’ which is for repairing the damage already done. (Confession, I very nearly bought it myself as the reviews are so good!)

Although the products retail at only $29.95, they offer $50 for every new customer referred via your link which is an absolute winner! Sign-up is via ShareASale.

Girlactik Beauty

I nearly gave up looking for an actual make-up affiliate program with commission greater than 8-10%! That might work for some super-influencers with millions of followers but for the rest of us mere mortals, we would like a bit more please. Happily I found one with 18% commission – hallelujah!

Girlactik Beauty has a really fun range full of sparkle. I like the way they have some curated bundles enabling affiliate to get more worthwhile sales than a lipstick costing $20. Having said that, some people are great make-up fans and will spend an absolute fortune so if make-up is your bag, this could be one for you. Again, sign-up is through ShareASale.

Online course affiliate programs

Courses often offer some of the best commissions available, simply because the creators of the course have already invested in the work and production. The costs have long since been covered so most of the fees to join are profit.

Amazon FBA Ninja

This course by top Amazon FBA seller Kevin David is one of the best on the market. There is an in-depth review here, but what you need to know is that the course currently sells for $1997 and for everyone you introduce you earn 50% which is very nice indeed.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System

John Crestani is a very well known affiliate marketer and course producer of note. To see what your audience would get if they sign up, please check out this review.

The course cost is $997. You will earn $450 for everyone who signs up with your link.

Wealthy Affiliate

Confession. I LOVE  Wealthy Affiliate, I started off with a personal development blog when I first got started but was so impressed with the training and community that I had a burning desire to share it. Consequently I started a second blog to promote Wealthy Affiliate in the make money online niche.

Anyone can get started for free, but when you upgrade to Premium membership, you earn either £23.50 per month or £235, depending on whether they pay monthly or annually. Imagine building up a business with a few hundred members! Also, if you sign up 300 Premium members in a year you get an all expenses trip to Vegas!

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review for an in-depth look at what you (and your sign-ups) get and for more details about the actual affiliate program.

Pet affiliate programs

The pet niche will always have massive potential as we don’t half love our pets and are prepared to spend serious money on ensuring that they are happy and healthy. The pet niche is not the highest paying  in the world but these are some of the best that I found.

The best affiliate programs with high commission
Mabel, who has all her humans very well trained…

Brain Training For Dogs

I especially love Brain Training For Dogs as most dogs need mental stimulation as well as going for plenty of walks. There is a lead magnet of a free brain training game which I actually forwarded to my sister for the super-intelligent Mabel! (I know she will sign up for it in an instant as will many people who go on this site.)

The online course claims to turn your dog from ‘brainless to brilliant!’. According to Clickbank, gravity is 70 (meaning their are 70 people successfully selling this product) but you can also sign up on their own page. Commission is 75% which is around $32 per sale which, in this niche, is very good. (Digital products are generally much more profitable.)

Tuft and Paw

This is a completely brilliant website featuring furniture for cats! Not just any old cat furniture – its high end designs really make a statement. Check them out here.  From cat beds, to trees and cat beds to litter tray furniture, they have thought of everything. They offer 30 day returns as they know how fussy felines can be. (If you have ever had a cat, it is quite possible you bought them a scratching post they refused to even acknowledge was in the room!)

They only deliver in the U.S. as the pieces tend to quite large. Commission is only 12%, however, their products go up to nearly $1,000 so don’t despair. The also have a program where you donate a bed to a shelter and Tuft and Paw give you 50% off your purchase. (Don’t worry, Tuft and Paw take care of delivering the bed to the shelter.)  You can sign up here.

Easy Horse Training

I like Easy Horse Training a lot as it will doubtless help people who live hundreds of miles from a good trainer or, indeed, who’s horses have left such a dent in the bank account, that they can’t afford one. (Top tip – never buy anything that eats while you sleep unless you have deep pockets!)

The courses are on the Fundamentals of Horse Training, Problem Behavior Solutions, Advanced Horse Psychology and Communication, and the very popular topic nowadays of Natural Horsemanship. You can sign up directly as affiliate. Commission is 50% and the courses cost $77.


One more for the road – Fiver!

Not only is Fiverr great for outsourcing everything from Pinterest Pin creation, to logos, to videos, they also have an exceptional affiliate program. Commissions are generally $15 – $150 or even up to $1,000 with a rev share / hybrid model where you earn 10% (their is an option to make a purchase for $10,000). Check out the video below or read my post How To Find Freelance Workers which has more details of how it all works.

                                           Find our more about Fiverr Affiliate by clicking on the video.

Other aspects to consider

Naturally, affiliate programs can change. These are correct at the time of writing but do please do your own research before signing up. One thing to make sure to check is what the cookie duration is (i.e. the length of time your customer has from clicking the link to making a purchase and earning you commission).

If it expires when a customer checks out (like does apparently), you might want to reconsider your options. Typical are 7 day, 30 days, sometimes 180 days and occasionally you will find one with a lifetime cookie!

If you are signing up through an affiliate network such as Clickbank or ShareASale, they should have a gravity score. The number is how many affiliates are actively selling that product. It is generally a good sign to have a higher gravity score, however, there could be an excellent product that didn’t resonate with other affiliates or a new product that you could do really well with so it’s only one thing to consider.

Don’t be tempted to sign up for an affiliate program just because of the high earnings potential. Make sure it is a quality program or product that will bring value to your audience. If you can buy it yourself, so much the better, if not, satisfy yourself that it is a good company with a good product offering and that they care about their customers. Your reputation is too important not to thoroughly check it out.

Final thought

High ticket programs are all well and good, however, you can sign up for as many as you like but if you don’t know how to find the right keywords and drive the right traffic to your website you still won’t make any money!

If you need help in this area, check out How To Get Traffic To Your Website Free.

Have you had success with some high ticket programs? If so, I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Jean,

    thanks for this very comprehensive overview of well-paying affiliate programs. I love it, and there were definitely a few I’ll check out for my own blog.

    What you said at the very end really resonated with me: There are so many marketers out there that see a well-paying affiliate program and start pushing hard for it, no matter if it is something that would solve their audiences’ problems. It’s important to hold the quality of a product and your personal integrity higher than any commissions, no matter how high they may be.

    Thanks for sharing these insights!


  2. Hi Jean,

    A very thorough and extensive list here.

    To be honest, I have worked with various affiliate programs over the years, ranging from the low $$ commission, to high-ticket offers, as well as recurring commission.

    I often think people shy away from high-ticket offers becuase they’re looking at it from a personal perspective rather than as a customer.

    Whereas, I may not pay $10,000 for a TV, there are certainly many, many people out there who would.

    As you mentioned, it’s about doing your keyword research, and then finding the right people to market too.

    Much like yourself, I do love recurring commision programs, in fact probably one of my favourites.

    I have promoted various membership programs, and I find that if it is a worthwhile program, which provides lots of value, plus if I have some experience of the program as well, it can be a fantastic source of regular income.

    Just as a final note, in all the time I have used Fiverr (mainly as a buyer to hire freelancers) I never knew they had an affiliate program.

    I probably should’ve paid more attention.

    A great read Jean, enjoyed it a lot.


    • Hi Partha

      Many thanks for all of these thoughts.

      That is so interesting what you say about affiliate marketers shying away from the high ticket programs. We shouldn’t go deciding what other people can afford just because it’s something we wouldn’t spend that amount of money on.

      I used Fiverr too but it was only when I read someone else’s post about Fiverr’s affiliate program that I realised too! And another thing, you get a small commission for signing up other affiliates.



  3. There are so many to choose from affiliate marketing programs that are all competing for pay and products sound like they are all great. If we had a choice we would choose the CBDMedic because we advertise CBD products and this sounds like a good place.
    The other beauty affiliate marketing programs and the other dozen are looking promising to others that would need to find one best of all they don’t have to do the work. It has been done for them doing the research and time is hard work thanks for the share.


  4. This is what I’m trying to do with my new pellet smoker site. I started it as an affiliate to amazon,But I want to go straight to the people that make the smokers I’m posting on my site. But the app for them companys are a lot harder than Amazon, and I don’t understand half of what they are asking. Do you know of anywhere I could get help with that? Any and all help would be great! Your Friend, Johnny

    • Hi Johnny

      If you Google ‘pellet smokers affiliate program’ there are a frew programs that you can sign up with directly. Also there are a few blog posts featuring various programs so have a look at those also. If there’s anything else I can help with please drop me a message and I will see what I can do.

      Kind regards,

      P.S. I had to look up what pellet smokers are lol. They’re not a thing here in the UK.

  5. Hi Jeane, what a great list! Thank you so much. For your travel paragraph you might consider booking-dot-com as well. Or maybe you did, but have a reason for not mentioning them?

    As you can imagine I was especially interested in those listings for my own website about travel. 🙂 And you are so right, aren’t we all dying to go travel again. Pff, I know I am!

    Also your health paragraph grabbed my attention, for one of my other websites!

    At times I find it difficult to find good affiliate programs as my first condition is that they are not a polluting company. That is – apart from their indifferent behavior towards their associates – for me is a reason not to want Amazon. They sent everything in covered in plastic.

    • Hello Hannie

      Many thanks for this! The reason for excluding is because they only give 4% commission which is a lot less than the others quoted. Your could use the TripAdvisor link for the same hotel and get 50%!

      I absolutely agree with what you are saying about checking out a companies green credentials. In the UK Amazon are really good – their products come in a single piece or cardboard which doubles over and doesn’t even use any tape which is amazing. They are also trying to co-ordinate orders to avoid havin multiple deliveries to your house, so if you don’t mind waiting an extra day or so it is usually possible.

      I plan doing a ‘Best sustainable products affiliate program’ post soon!

      Kind regards,


      • That’s a great tip about TripAdvisor! I didn’t know that. Thanks.

        So Amazon even has different packaging in different countries. Another thing I wasn’t aware of. Over here it’s absolutely horrible. Plastic and tape all over. And the Spanish are so indifferent, so lots of it is found in the fields. They can’t even bother to close the lids of the garbage cans, if they are using it.

        I am looking forward to your green affiliate programs. Absolutely marvelous that you do all the work, LOL.

        • Hi Hannie

          When I next get on order form Amazon I will show you the packaging – it’s amazing!

          Hope you enjoy my green affiliate program info! (I think I need to oursource the research to be honest!)

          Kind regards,


  6. Hey Jean, thanks for sharing this list of high paying affiliate programs. I’ve seen a few of these lists so far and yours is one of the best so far. I like the idea of earning high-commissions, just like everybody else, right? 🙂

    There’s one niche that is known for high-ticket products and high commission programs, and that is financial and investing. I noticed that there are a lot of programs from gold investing to forex and real estate that pay fantastic sums of money just for one lead. Maybe you can add this category in this post in the future.

    In any case, thanks a lot for sharing. I found a few great ideas for some of the future projects. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Ivan

      Many thanks for this. I never think about programs that are paying per lead but you have definitely got my attention! I might do a lead generation angle and see what I can find out (I believe insurance companies also pay a lot per lead.) Watch this space.

      Kind regards,


  7. Hi, Jean
    Thank you for this helpful and useful article on the best affiliate program.

    As a blogger, I am looking to expand and diversify my income stream.

    I love the idea of mixing high ticket programs with recurring.
    Mixing both types of commission can really help to meet our income goal.

    I have a question about the HostGator affiliate program. You said when we reach 20 sales can increase to $125. Is it for a given time frame like within a month or it is when you hit the 20 sales? I mean even we take A Year to get it.
    Looking forward to your response.
    Thank you!

    • Hey Sebastian

      Many thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad you love the idea of high ticket and recurring programs. Me too!

      Thanks also for your question about the HostGator program. I checked and the $125 commission is for 20 when you hit 20 sales per month (sadly!).

      Kind regards,


  8. Hey Jean,
    I am involved in the travel space and I have been doing research on travel affiliate programs. Thank you so much for your note on Tripadvisor. I did not realize the potential that existed with them. Looking forward to obtaining more of your advice.


    • Hi Hugh

      Delighted you found it helpful – it sure is one of the better opportunities out there. Here’s to a better than ever future for the travel industry and its affiliates!



  9. You can find affiliate products that offer commissions from $100 to some really high-end products that go up to $5000 per sale (which would be great because you’d only have to make one sale a week).

    • Hi Susan

      Now that’s what I’m talking about! One sale per week is a lot less daunting than 100 sales on Amazon (for example) for sure. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Kind regards,



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